Connecting Academia, the Property Industry and Society

Doctorate Level Property Research

    • Real quality valuation in the service context
    • PPP stakeholder management framework: Insights from New Zealand and Malaysian practitioners
    • Residential-led regeneration as a driver for small-town revitalisation
    • Post-earthquake residential reconstruction of Christchurch city centre: Housing challenges
    • Post–earthquake functional recovery of commercial building: The perspective of building users
    • Analysis of international students’ rental experiences in New Zealand
    • The creation of social value in commercial property as a guide for its assessments in the valuation process
    • The unintended consequences of medium-density terraced housing with fee simple ownership
    • The impact of hybrid work on team dynamics in the corporate sector


As the projects progress, interim data and findings become available. It’s part of the Foundation’s Mission to facilitate connections between academia and industry. So, if you’d like to know more, please get in touch.